22 October 2021

Musing on the Roman Catholic Church

I am not a practicing Roman Catholic, nor do I support the church in any way. This past month, a…

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15 August 2021

Musing on COVID in the USA

This was initially written for friends who live outside the United States. It grew into something…

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13 August 2020

Eighty-One Days of Sanity

This year continues to be overwhelming. The uncertainty and decisions that the average person needs…

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29 July 2020

2,400 Days of Being Alcohol Free

I quit drinking alcohol 2,400 days ago. For a little perspective, that's six years, six months,…

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3 June 2020

Nothing Changes Without Action

Nothing changes without action. The consequence of inaction is more of the same. I’m happy to see…

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2 June 2020

A War on Rational Thought

How has the belief in conspiracy theories become normalized? I remember a time when believing in…

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25 August 2018

Is Less Honest Still Honest?

I’ve been slowly chipping away at writing a book over the past two years. There are two things that…

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31 October 2017

November Update

It's almost November and I’m behind schedule. Shockingly so. My goal this year was to get a book…

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