November Update

It’s almost November and I’m behind schedule. Shockingly so. My goal this year was to get a book out of my head and onto the printed page. Bound, edited, uploaded, sold, and Kindled. From March until May I put down about 50 pages of text, then life happened. I’m talking about a maddening shit storm of absurdity that I had to wade through. I’m still knee deep in garbage, but I’m no longer drowning in it, so now it’s time to get back to my 2017 goal.

This month I’m working on a series of short pieces of about 500 words a pop. Each will consist of one insight that I’ve picked up over the years that an aspiring founder of an International NPO might find helpful. When I started The Library Project eleven years ago there was nothing available, and today that has not changed. Let me clarify that statement. There are a ton of books available on this subject, but nothing that remotely prepares someone for the challenges they will face. Not remotely. Not even close.

As I complete sections, I’m going to post them on this site, and then again on Facebook. Your input helps; the positive (thanks Mom) and the argumentative (I’m looking at you Eric…bring it on brother!).

My goal is another 50 pages in November. Thank you for joining me on my November journey.