Musing on the Roman Catholic Church

I am not a practicing Roman Catholic, nor do I support the church in any way. This past month, a report was released that said French clerics had abused more than 200,000 minors over the past 70 years. Also, this month, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled the Vatican cannot be sued in European courts because it is a sovereign state. Think about that for a minute; really think about it. A nation on this planet funds the abuse of children, conceals the abuse of children, and is run by those who are hiding the abuse of children. It is impossible to defend the actions of the Vatican and those who make up the Roman Catholic Church.

I’m not saying the belief in Jesus Christ is wrong. What I am saying is every time you put money in that basket during Sunday mass, you are supporting a government that has abused millions of children globally and continues to do so today. There are many other Jesus religions out there; pick one of those to support.

There is only one belief I am sure of, if Jesus Christ returned today, he would be ashamed of what the Roman Catholic Church has become.