Eighty-One Days of Sanity

This year continues to be overwhelming. The uncertainty and decisions that the average person needs to manage are immense. Deciding if it’s safe for your children to attend classes during the upcoming Fall Semester, if your job is secure for the next two years, or if you have enough saved in your Emergency Fund, are weighing on everyone’s mind. You are not alone in feeling as if your life is spinning out of control. It’s been a shit year.

On top of everything else that 2020 is throwing at us, it’s an election year.

For all of the reasons I previously mentioned, I have decided to put my vote in early for President of the United States. There is nothing that Biden, Harris, Trump, or Pence can say to change my position. So, on Thursday, August 13th, I have cast my vote for Biden and Harris.

From today going forward, I am opting out of the spectacle.

To be clear, I am not doing this because I lost faith in the political process, that the upcoming debates are any less important than they were four years ago, or that I am trying to silence any single candidate’s voice. No, not at all. I am doing this for my sanity.

I truly believe the act of casting your vote is a privilege, one that we as Americans should take seriously. I want every American to vote, whether for Biden or Trump, or dare I say Kanye. Of course, I would like you to join me in voting for Biden and Harris, but I’ve also made the conscious decision to support your decision to vote for Trump and Pence if you believe they are the path forward. That may sound insane, especially in today’s charged environment. However, there are more important things to think about than the political aspirations of people that rarely fulfill the promises that they make during their campaign.

Over the next eighty-one days, my goal is to repurpose the time and energy I would have put toward reading endless political articles, listening to talking heads blather on, and engaging in endless argumentative debate. I will take that bucket of time, let’s say two hours a day, and spend it with the people that matter in my life; my family, friends, coworkers, and most importantly, myself.

If you are an American who is feeling as overwhelmed as I am by the impossible task of getting through 2020 in one piece, then I recommend joining me. Cast your vote today, and focus on what’s truly important tomorrow.