A 2017 Goal of Mine

Over the years I’ve spoken to countless Social Entrepreneurs that were at the early stages of founding their first International Non Profit Organization (NPO) or Non Governmental Organization (NGO). Looking back, I can see that everyone, including myself, had the same set of challenges that ranged from HR, government regulations, financial management, programmatic focus, culture, risk assessment, and of course, fundraising.

I’d like to publish a short book specifically for those wanting to start an International NPO/NGO. Writing for “International” organizations is an important distinction because there’s already a mountain of books on how to start an organization based in the USA and Europe. I think it’s critical that there is something of substance written specifically for aspiring social entrepreneurs that talks directly to the challenges they’ll face outside of those two locations.

As of today, I have a rough outline, but that’s it. My goal is to self-publish via Amazon within the year. This website will act as a place to put my completed work so that I can get unfiltered honest feedback from the social masses (that’s you).

Thank you for coming on this journey with me.